Planning a vacation requires meticulous planning and lots of preparation. You need to think about every simple and insignificant aspect, create an elaborate checklist and have everything packed and ready. This holiday seasons, you can cut some slack and enjoy your vacation like you truly deserve. Spend your weekend at Fritzler Farm Park and unwind after the long hectic work schedule. Here are all the details that you would want to know about the farm and the activities you can enjoy there;

Welcome the Fall Festival

The Fall Festival here continues well into October-November, giving guests a rare chance to explore the rural, charming autumn season in all its glory. The parkland is spacious, spread across acres and convenient to spot. The area is also set away from the city, away from the hustle and bustle of urban life and yet replete with all the materialistic pleasures of the time.


There are several events lined up for guests who want an authentic country experience. You can check out the farming equipment, animal pens, rides, barnyards and orchards in the area. The space is also up for hire. You can host events, special parties, wedding receptions and even corporate workshops here with relative ease.

Check out the Pumpkin Fields

The pumpkin fields and sunflower patches form a major part of the attraction here. Guests are free to roam around the fields and have their pick. There are pumpkins of all shapes, sizes and varieties cultivated here organically. Your orders are delivered to your doorstep. The sunflower gardens offer wonderful background for pictures and social media posts. Groups can collect in front of the garden area and get clicked by a professional.

Field Trips and Excursions

Fritzler Farm Park also organizes regular field trips and excursions in and around the area, giving you a glimpse of the farm life. These trips are organized specially for kids. Adults can accompany them for journey as well. Also, don’t worry, there are restrooms, eating places and supervisors stationed in every other corner of the area. Also, the parkland has all the platforms and structures to aid handicapped guests move around easily.


Scream Acres

The Scream acres is one of the major attractions in the area that has attracts guests over the years. Celebrate Halloween in style here at Fritzler Farm Park. There are multiple activities and areas planned to spook you out. Everything from the horror movie nights to the scary décor and rides ensure full-on entertainment and recreation for the entire family. The paintball arena, go-cart race courses, corn box, spider web ride and corn boxes are all decorated in a way that suits the spooky theme of Halloween season.


Spooky Corn Maze

The spooky corn maze is peppered with interesting elements and obstacles that will challenge you in every corner. Be prepared for monsters, supernatural characters and ghosts to chase you deeper in the maze. Don’t worry though, there are helpers everywhere to help you find your way out in case things get very scary for you to handle.


So don’t delay! Go online and get your tickets to Fritzler Farm Park today!

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