Fall is probably everyone’s favorite season of the year. With its mild weather and deliciously warm sunshine and cotton candy clouds, studying the blue sky, it is the ideal time to step out for picnics and outings and visit the countryside. During autumn, nature is at its best and ripest form, before it gets buried under its snowy winter coat till the next year.

Is fall your favorite season as well? Would you want to surprise your family and friends with a weekend full of fun and adventure?

If it is so then look no further as you have over here the complete details on Colorado’s favorite fall adventure venue - Fritzler Farm Park.


The Fritzler Farm Park:

Made with an idea to have a place where families can take a break and bond over various kinds of activities, Fritzler Farm Park is stretched across an extensive area of land in La Salle, Colorado which has been carefully assigned to the different crops and activities that are hosted at the farm.

The most popular among the events in the farm is of course the fall festival during which families visiting here can tour through the farm and take part in various activities such as picking up pumpkins and perfecting their aim at the paintball zone.

Fun for all:

If you are wondering which age group is fit to come and visit the farm, then do not worry at all, as all the activities have been designed in such a way that people across all age groups - be it a toddler or an adult can have unlimited fun while at the farm.


Popular activities:

There are various attractions at Fritzler Farm Park. Take a quick look at some of the best among them:

  1. Corn Maze: Fritzler Farm Park has one of the largest corn mazes in the area with each stall of corn growing to such a height that it is going to amaze you totally. Walk through the maze with your little ones, but do make sure that you carry your sun shades and hats along.

  2. Pumpkin Patch: Another large portion of the farm is dedicated solely to growing thousands and thousands of fresh and juicy pumpkins. What is more, you can walk through these tracks with your family and chose the pumpkin that you like best.
  3. Pumpkin House: If the pumpkin patch got you excited, then this will just take the excitement to the next level as here is a house that is not made of bricks and cement but rather large chunks of pumpkin. This place also presents you with the best photo opportunity in the area.

  4. Pillow Jump: Let your little ones jump to their heart’s content in the pillow jump area, which is all bumpy and cushiony and made in such a way that no matter how much they jump, they are not going to be hurt.

Book your ticket to the Fritzler Farm Park today and enjoy a trip like never before!

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