Welcome to Fritzler Farm Park, the proud property of the Fritzler family! Since the year 2000, their farm park has been open to people young and old. You can enjoy the 15 farm park attractions that Fritzler Farm Park offers, where the corn maze is one of the most popular ones. You can have a chance to experience the Pumpkin Patch, Pedal Go Carts, Barrel Coaster, and Pumpkin Blasters, amongst many more!

During the Fall Festival, Fritzler Farm Park is open till late for those who appreciate a good scare. Be sure to visit Fritzler’s Scream Acres! It provides a bunch of different attractions along with the ones provided in the day time like glow in the dark paintball!


Grab your caramel apples and hot chocolate and join Fritzlers for a spooky adventure! Here are only some of the scare themed attractions the Farm Park offers:

  1. Ghost haunt

Be prepared to have chills run down your spine as you visit the innovative ‘ghost haunt’ attraction. Having been created from scratch, Fritzler Farm Park uses the best make up artists, costume designers and horror designers to bring you an all new experience at the Ghost Haunt! With an original story and creative scares and spooks, you can explore this ghost town in Colorado and discover the true experience of horror entertainment!

  1. Night time paintball adventure

To be fair, paintball can be both a fun and terrifying experience on its own. Imagine, however, using the same skills you learnt at paintball and unleashing it at night time onto a hoard of the undead!


The night time paintball attraction gives you the opportunity not only to compete with your friends but fight alongside them! Run and survive through this field of zombies and see how much you score against your friends. It is an amazing experience where you can emulate killing zombies in video games, onto real life! This attraction aims to bring out the fighter and the horror entertainment lover in you.

  1. Corn maze

The corn maze can be difficult in the morning, but have you tried besting it after the sun goes down? If you thought the Ghost Haunt was bad, Fritzler Farm Park offers some of the best experiences in horror entertainment yet. The added challenge of the night time corn maze is that you never know what you might bump into around the corner. It effectively goes from being an innocent corn maze, to the corn maze of screams. You must get through the corn maze without getting lost from running away from the horror that awaits you!


Scream Acres

Can’t get enough? Visit Scream Acres for the final and best instalment in the horror attraction series on Fritzler Farm Park. It is a fulfilling and final conclusion to the horror attractions you can find on the Farm Park.


Want to know what it’s all about? Visit Fritlzer Farm Park on September 21st to find out yourself. Buy your tickets now before they run out!

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