There’s a slight chill in the air, the apples are ripe for picking and the streets are covered in a blanket of auburn leaves. It is that time of the year again when nature is speckled with shades of brown and gold and yellow. The fall brings with it ripeness and maturity. It is a farewell to the exuberance of spring and the sunny heat of summer and a celebration of the pristine winters. Halloween and Thanksgiving mark the beginning of the holidays and you can almost hear the bells on Santa’s sleigh chiming merrily. What better way to welcome the holiday season than in a farm, far away from the chaotic city life?

Fritzler Farms in County Road, Colorado offer families the perfect vacationing spot for a weekend gateway. The farms have a host of activities lined up for kids and adults that will make your stay more memorable here. Some of the things that you can do here are;

Celebrate the Fall Festival:

The Fall Festival starts at September 21st and continues till the end of November. Families are welcome to explore the pumpkin patches and the popular Colorado Corn maze. The pumpkin fields have been around for more than a decade now, having pumpkins of all shapes, sizes and varieties. Other attractions like the GLO Paintball, Slide Mountain, Pedal Go-Carts, Pumpkin Canon and Beer Gardens are also popular among the visitors.


Spooky Scream Acres:

Colorado’s most terrifying event is here to spook you out this Halloween. The Scream Acres at Fritzler Farms start from September 27th hosting horror movie nights and horror parties for visitors. Ashes of Creation include events like the Verti Scope, Jumbo Jumper, Slide Ball Zone and Go-Carts. There is also a corn maze organised specially for Halloween, where guests will encounter their worst nightmares. Silver Screams is an even where you can binge watch the best horror shows and movies with your friends. Note that these events have an age limit. Call the authorities and confirm the details before you book the tickets.

Attend the Cornstock Concert:

The Cornstock Concert held on 14th September is among the most awaited events here at Fritzler Farms Park. This music festival features popular international and local bands like Blood Stone Dragons and Infestation 303. The live performances start from noon and continue well into the night. Food and beverages are arranged on the farms property itself.


Campfires and Trips:

There are massive bonfire pits and stone fireplaces around the park where huge groups can gather around and enjoy a night under the stars. Families can sit around at the picnic tables nearby and order meals from the in-house restaurant. You will have to pay for getting extra firewood and beverages.


Venues for Hire:

At Fritzler Farms, people can also host birthday parties, field trips and receptions. The area is great for holding mass gatherings. The organisers also provide decoration and catering services that you can check out at an additional charge.


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